Nature’s Spring Foundation Inc. (NSFI) shall send an invitation letter, with an attached confirmation slip, to all public secondary schools through the Division Offices of the Department of Education. Information dissemination should be at least three months prior to the deadline for submission of entries.


Secondary schools shall officially notify NSFI in writing of its interest to join the competition through signing and sending the confirmation slip to the mailing or email addresses provided. A team of secondary school and the community-based organization will be called a school-unity 3 entry to suggest inclusiveness of participants per entry. The Official Launch of the competition is set on the Birgada Caravan of DepEd.


After the official launch of the competition, NSFI will invite the school-unity entries in the mentoring and equipping workshops to assist schools in developing and/or enhancing their project ideas, innovations or existing upcycling projects. The workshop series will be conducted per division to accommodate schools situated in far-flung and remote areas. Interested school-unity entries shall then undergo mentoring sessions with the pool of mentors in the workshop.


All participating school-unity entries both mentored or not, shall be given three (3) months to identify existing solutions and enhance them based on the project solution search criteria OR to conceptualize, successfully test a working proto-type or model and document their innovation. The deadline of submission is due on September 30, 2019.


Participants must submit the accomplished entry form provided by Nature’s Spring Foundation. Participants must also submit photos and/or videos about the process and the innovation itself. Requirements can be submitted online or through physical copies. Participants can send their entries to or through mailing the physical copy to the address:

  • Nature’s Spring Foundation

    Serviced Offices, 5th floor, Bai Hotel, CSSEAZ, Mandaue City


NSFI shall check the requirements submitted by all the school-unity entries. Failure to complete requirements is an automatic disqualification of a school-unity entry. Likewise, participating school-unity entries which were not able to meet the criteria of selection shall be automatically disqualified. Other possible grounds that may cause disqualification are:

  • Plagiarized idea of innovation
  • Entries who violate the Child Labor Laws

NSFI organizers shall then forward all qualified school-unity entries to the NSFI Screening Committee for the first phase of judging. In this phase, the NSFI Screening Committee will select screen the top twenty (20) finalists of the competition. The criteria for the top 20 selection are as follows:

  • Impact: 30%
  • Sustainability of innovation: 30%
  • Profitability/Market potential of the innovation: 30%
  • Developmental*: 10%

    (Addresses additional challenges or provide additional opportunities in the field of gender and development, education, health, disaster risk reduction, climate change, etc.)

The second phase of the screening will focus on the selection of the Top Ten (10) finalists. In this phase, the NSFI Screening Committee will forward the entries to the Identified Panel of Judges. NSFI will open the Public Voting for the top 10 winners through the website. The finalists will be informed of the modified judging criteria for the 1st-10th prizes. The percentage of votes shall be taken from the following:

  • Panel of Judges ------ 70%
  • Public Votes ---------- 30%

Once the public voting closes, NSFI shall immediately calculate the percentage scores from the public votes and the panel of judges. Winners will be announced during the Awarding Ceremony set on October or November 2019. The Top Twenty (20) finalists will be showcased during the ceremony. For transparency, results will be presented during the Awarding Ceremony.


Winners will then accept their corresponding cash prizes which will be converted into a project of their choice. The prizes are as follows:

  • Grand prize – 750,000.00
  • Second prize – 400,000.00
  • Third prize – 200,000.00
  • 4th to 10th prizes –80,000.00 each

The prize money shall be given in support of the cycling project such as, but not limited to:

  • Raw materials inventory
  • Business infrastructure
  • Supplies and equipment
  • Training and technical assistance
  • Operating capital
  • Business development services

NSFI shall assist the winning school-unity entries during the whole process of receiving the prize—from the planning to the implementation of their respective projects. Since every entry is a partnership effort with the school and the community-based organization, NSFI must ensure that the project proposed by the winners is a joint venture that would equally benefit both parties.

3 School-unity – every school-unity entry must consist of the secondary student leaders, teachers and parents from the PTCA Association and officers from the community-based organization, cooperative or association within their respective communities. The community-based organization must be based in the barangay where the secondary school is situated or in any adjacent barangays.



The top 10 winners of the Bote Challenge will receive and split their grant awards between the community based organization’s upcycling project and the host secondary school:

  • CBO Upcycling Project – 50% of total prize money, which will be used to further support and implement the upcycling solution;
  • Host Secondary school – 50% of the total prize money; which will be used to support a school improvement project jointly implemented by the PTCA.

Under the Republic Act 8525 or the Adopt-a-School Program Act of 1998, the examples of eligible school improvement projects that the secondary school and the PTCA can propose are:

  • School Infrastructure, such as waste segregation, disposal, and composting facilities
  • Technology and Multi-media Support
  • Furniture and Appliances
  • Student Wellness, Health and Nutrition
  • Teaching Learning Aids and Devices
  • Teacher Training and Skills Development

Winners of the solution search shall officially become grant recipients of NSFI and shall be covered by terms and conditions as provided by a Grant Agreement to be signed by all parties.