To realize the mission, the foundation has identified 3 focus areas or thematic sectors and set measurable goals against them for the next 3-years. These goals are what will become the programmatic goals that will aim to meet customer needs for the foundation.

Education Goal
Developed education programs that would increase employability, life skills, and entrepreneurship.
To Achieve:
1. Provide educational scholarships and training opportunities to employees' children and out of school youth
2. Implement an "Adopt A School" program in Mandaue city to include:
*Teacher's training, teaching aids and facilities
*Basic school infrastructure (classroom, laboratory, library)
Environmental Goal
Promoted environmental awareness, stewardship, and sustainability.
To Achieve:
Adopt a watershed' program in Kotkot, Mananga, and Lusaran watersheds in Cebu; (reforestation, urban greening);
Develop and implement waste reduction livelihood project (with DSWD, DOLE);
"Empty Bottles for School Supplies" Swap (linked w/ Adopt A School Program)
Health Goal
Improved fitness and well being of employees and target communities.
To Achieve:
Conduct diabetes awareness and testing for company employees nationwide and the city of Mandaue; and,
Partner with the PSWRI in sponsoring activities that promote overall physical fitness and health.